There’s a story in every sip…

…and it starts in the vineyard. Whether the grapes are from our 214-acre Sea Breeze Vineyard with its cool coastal influences or sourced from one of our distinctive Oregon vineyard partners, we believe that superb wine comes from superb fruit. Our wines are crafted from a wide variety of fruit from the Willamette and Rogue Valleys, including the Dundee Hills, Chehalem Mountains, Eola-Amity and McMinnville Appellations. Terroir plays an important role in the character development of wine, so all fruit is carefully selected from vineyards with differing elevations, soil types and clones.


SeaBreeze Vineyard

Appellation Willamette Valley AVA
Acreage 214
Year planted 1987
Exposure East and West
Clones 113, 777, Pommard, Wadinswil
Elevation 203 to 328 feet
Soil An assortment of silt clay loam sedimentary soils

Quailhurst Vineyard

Appellation Chehalem Mountains AVA
Acreage 35
Year planted 1998
Exposure South and East
Clones Dijon – 113, 777 & Pommard
Elevation 575-675
Soil Jory

Fortmiller Vineyard

Appellation Rogue Valley AVA
Acreage 30
Year planted 1999
Exposure East
Variety Syrah
Elevation 2100
Soil Manita Ioam



Meyer Vineyard

Appellation Dundee Hills AVA
Acreage 26
Year planted 2000
Exposure East and West
Clones Pommard, Wadenswil, Dijon
Elevation 550 to 800 feet
Soil Jory, Nekia

Symonette Vineyard

Appellation Eola Amity Hills AVA
Acreage 16
Year planted 1981
Exposure SW
Clones Pommard, Wadinswil & Dijon
Elevation 320 to 380 feet
Soil Willakenzie, Jory and Nekia

Momtazi Vineyard

Appellation McMinnville AVA
Acreage 250
Year planted 1998
Exposure East and South
Clones Pommard and Dijon
Elevation 450 to 700 feet
Soil Nekia, Yamhill Series, Peavine and Jory
Sundown Vineyard

Sundown Vineyard

Appellation Rogue Valley AVA
Acreage 19
Year planted 1999
Exposure East
Clones Pinot Noir, Syrah, Viognier
Elevation 1600 feet
Soil Debbanger-Brader loams, Gregory silty