Let the grapes speak

Our job is to bring forth all of the flavors, textures, colors and aromas that the fruit is eager to share with the objective of producing wines true to their varietal character, showing as much depth, elegance, opulence and balance as possible.

Dobbes Family Estate Winemaking Philosophy

Dobbes TrifectaNature, Nurture, Artistry | Dobbes Family Estate

Nature. From early spring until harvest, we scrutinize the vines, selecting the best sites and clones, as well as crop loads.

Nurture. At harvest and crush, the fruit is fermented and barrel aged separately then evaluated individually and designated for our exquisite cuvées and single-vineyard offerings.

Artistry. Experience and passion come together in the craftsmanship of our superlative wines – either as an expression of each vineyard’s unique terroir or blended to create an artful synergy of power and grace.